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Our business is based on solid performance and happy customers and employees everyday.  We communicate well with you to determine your site specific needs and fulfill them with the most economic and professional methods.

We started our business in 2004 while David was working with his brother-in-law (Tim) helping in his landscape business.  During the first year, Dave continued working both jobs and Clean and Green started to grow little by little.  Today (Winter 2012), Dave works the business along with Kathy and two full-time employees.  Our eldest 2 sons help out during the Summer months.

We have developed many good customer relations and friendships during the last few years.  We are thankful for God's provision for us and for each of our valued customers.

We are listed with the Better Business Bureau and currently have an A+ rating.  From time to time we also get reviews posted to Angie's List.  You are welcome to review or add to these ratings at any time.

We are licensed for Landscape Maintenance.  This means we can do almost any yard care tasks with the exception of those tasks that are considered installation type work.  We are allowed a certain amount of installation work per customer, per year.  We focus on maintenance to keep things simple and to focus on what we feel are our strengths.

Our City License is with Troutdale #(YYYY)-0503, and we also have a METRO license # 8033 which covers the Gresham-Portland area.  We carry Business Liability Insurance and are Bonded as well. Workers Comp Insurance is required to cover any worker injuries.  We bring professional talent and energy to your property in a safe way everyday.

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