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Payment Options:  We are glad to accept a variety of payment methods.  We typically send out monthly billings for those customers that we service each month.  We plan on receiving your payment by check or bill-pay within 10 days of the invoice date.  For Example:  An invoice dated January 31 we are expecting to get payment by the 10th of February.

One-time or in-frequent customers are expected to pay billings when our work is finished or as soon as they receive an invoice.

We do accept payment through Pay-Pal as well as VISA or Mastercard.  With each of these there is a minimum fee of 2% of the invoice amount to cover part of our fee from the payment processor.  The process for each is described below.

Pay-Pal process:  I will issue an invoice which can be sent to you by mail or e-mail.  You then let me know you want to use Pay-Pal.  I then add a minimum 2% fee to the invoice total and e-mail you a Pay-Pal request for payment.  You simply have to follow the payment instructions and I receive the paid amount, less fees in approximately 7 days.

VISA, Mastercard, Credit Card process:  This works well for those who wish to accumulate credits for some sort of rewards program, miles or some other incentive.  Currently this type of transaction must be done over the phone or in person and takes about 5 minutes.  I will be glad to issue an invoice by mail or e-mail in this case as well.  The invoice will get to you as soon as I can send it and a credit card reciept is e-mailed as well.

We are committed to making payment easy for you. Our preferred method of payment is Bill & Pay. View and pay your bill online.  Thank you for your patronage.  Dave, Kathy & Crew

PS. Several of our customers have enjoyed the practice of tipping our employees at Christmas time.  We are thankful for their genorosity.  Normally, our employees do not carry any money and are not asked to collect payments.  We prefer to collect payments by mail, electronic means, or Kathy or Dave in person.
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